Twitter Infographic

The Twitter infographic was created in order to show the impact of the Investools Twitter. The focus results are of the annual Investor Education Conference from 2014 to 2016 and to emphasize that event, the branding for the conference was used in this infographic. For this design, I wanted to avoid having a focus on numbers and instead show visually (as an infographic is) the impact between each year. Numbers were used only to supplement and clarify the differences from one column to the next. The result of presenting this infographic was positive as increased effort was put into social media. 


Options Infographic

Options trading is seen as something a little more risky and not many investors attempt options trading. I was tasked at work in creating an infographic in order to educate on the basics of options trading: what an option is, nomenclature specific to options, and an example of an options trade.

I used the contrasting white and black backgrounds to help show the different levels of learning: the white being more of the very basics of option trading and the black section being more in depth­—which also reflects the look of many trading platforms.


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